In what could be the scandal of the century (or just today), a high school math class in New York is claiming that Double Stuf Oreos don't actually contain double the creme filling as regular Oreos.

Dan Anderson's math class at Queensbury High School in Queensbury, New York conducted an experiment as a way to help them use math in the real world. (They did the experiment back in March but it's just catching national attention.)

The students weighed the different types of Oreos, then adjusted the weight of the wafers to figure out the weight of the cream filling. According to their findings, Double Stuf Oreos only had 1.86 times the filling of regular Oreos, not two times the filling.

Mega Oreos, on the other hand, had 2.68 times the cream filling of regular Oreos. (Did you even know these existed?)

A spokesperson for Nabisco shot down the results of the experiment saying, "I'm not familiar with what was done in the classroom setting, [but] I can confirm for you that our Double Stuf cookie has double the cream filling of our original Oreo cookie."

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