High speed police pursuits are exciting to watch. It is real life drama that is played out before our very eyes. It's the good guys versus the not so good guys and our public safety is in peril.

Most police departments encourage their officers not to get involved in high speed pursuits. The training of most law enforcement agencies is all about public safety and still catching the bad guy. That means most of the pursuit is done at a safe speed and by using radio communication and multiple units.

Here is video of a speeder doing 52 mph in a 35 mph zone. It's easy to see why the officer on duty would need to write this driver up. As the officer leaves to pursue the driver a rather fowl thing happens along the way.

A family of ducks is in the middle of the highway and the officer shows great compassion for slowing his unit down and helping the duck family off the roadway. He may not have got his man this time but he did win the hearts of a lot of us by demonstrating what a lot of us forget, policemen and women are human too.