Lache pas la patate is a phrase we all know well here in South Louisiana. It's all because of that song of the same name. While we sing about "don't drop the potato" there is a new party game that's sweeping the Internet that's all about letting that 'tater go.

The game is called Poop the Potato. If you're an introvert who would rather have your skin peeled off with a rusty butter knife then this is exactly the kind of game that would solidify your decision to never attend any holiday or other parties.

To play the game you'll need two buckets, some potatoes, and enough booze to let everyone forget their dignity. The two buckets are set up on one end of the room. Each team member places a potato between their thighs and then waddles down to the bucket where they squat and release the spud into the receptacle. This continues until all of the team members have defecated their potato into the bucket.

The team that has pooped their potatoes the fastest wins. But don't we all win when we play great games like this? Well we'll all win if you take video of your party crowd playing the game and sharing it with us.

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