Somewhere on Earth there has to have been at least one party with a Pinata that didn't send someone to the emergency room. The world wide web is full of videos involving smashed hands, faces, windows and cars all because somebody thought a pinata was a good idea.

I am here to say pinatas should be banished and outlawed and never brought to see the light of day. It seems to me that you could get the same effect of having a pinata if you just pistol whipped a couple of your guests and then threw some cheap candy in the grass for the kids to grab. We don't need gun control in America, we need pinata control. The constitution says nothing about pinatas for a reason, they are far too dangerous for mere mortals to handle.

Do you have a pinata video you would like to share with us here at 97.3 The Dawg? If it's not to gory or nobody died, we'd really like to see it. Perhaps yours was the only party on Earth where nobody was hurt using a pinata, we'd really like to see that too.

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