Have you ever caught a Moon Pie from a float during Mardi Gras? Have you wondered why? We got you...

Evan-Amos Via Wikipedia Commons
Evan-Amos Via Wikipedia Commons

The History Of Mardi Gras Moon Pies

Throwing Moon Pies originally began in Mobile, AL, where they are still the catch of choice for the parades there.

Here in Lafayette, we're just getting the tradition started.

But why a Moon Pie?

A lot of people that aren't that familiar with the Mobile style should know that before 1974, food has always been involved as a throw ever since 1949, when Crackerjacks, (peanuts and caramel nuggets) were thrown by a lot of Krewes as a treat for the revelers.

Crackerjacks were brought about because of the cheap alternative they presented to beads.

However, people kept getting beaned with the end of those rectangular boxes the treats came in, and those box ends were hard and sharp.

Sensing something needed to be done, the City of Mobile banned the candied popcorn as a throw about 1972.

What would be a good replacement? Maybe something a little softer and round?

Moon pies!



The first to throw moon pies were the Krewe of "Maids of Mirth" in 1974 as an alternative to the recently banned boxes of cracker jacks. Soon other Krewes were following the action as the throw caught on.

Moon Pie is a trade-marked name of the Chattanooga Bakery in Tennessee.

There are, however, other companies in operation that sell otherdifferentbe called Mardi Gras pies.

The Chattanooga Bakery began making moon pies in 1916. They first came in graham cracker cookies with a marshmallow center.

Now, the famed cookies come in chocolate, banana, coconut, orange, and vanilla.

Mardi Gras pies are smaller than the original pies and come in a silver wrapper, often with an organization's emblem on the wrapper.

Mardi Gras pies come now in strawberry and apple.

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