This is America's week to be on vacation. Well, maybe not a vacation but at least be off from work. Even if you aren't fortunate enough to have personal days to use during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day most of us will have company holidays to enjoy some extra down time.

By down time I mean most of us will be traveling and working harder at having fun than we might normally do during the work week. The American Automobile Association speculated during the holiday travel period of now through January 2nd, almost 103 million Americans will be on the roadways.

Christmas and New Years combined, overall adding about one and a half million more people than were traveling last year.

The words of Don Redman with AAA. Redmon spoke with the Louisiana Radio Network and he told them that this year's holiday season is expected to put 1.5% more drivers on the roads.

One of the reasons that so many Americans will be on the road is the lower prices for fuel that we've all seen over the past 12 months. Redman speculates that Americans have saved $27 billion at the pump this year.

That was money that was going into the gas tank that is now going into other parts of the economy. That's why you've seen almost every holiday this year, either set records or tie previous records.

Many Louisiana residents will be on the road to Orlando Florida over the holiday period. Of course, there are the theme park attractions but there is also a football game involving the LSU Tigers that many of the Tiger faithful will be attending making it a football and family outing.