It may be time to pick a new diet soda. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to announce next month that aspartame, an artificial sweetener commonly used in food and beverages, may cause cancer.

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This declaration by the WHO has sent shockwaves throughout the scientific community and raised concerns among consumers worldwide. Aspartame has been widely consumed for decades, with many people considering it a safe alternative to sugar. However, numerous studies have suggested potential links between aspartame consumption and various types of cancer.

Aspartame can be found in the following sodas

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The WHO's ruling on aspartame is based on extensive research conducted by its expert panel. The panel reviewed both animal studies and human trials, carefully analyzing the available evidence before reaching their conclusion. Their findings indicate that regular intake of aspartame increases the risk of developing certain cancers.

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In conclusion, the World Health Organization's ruling on aspartame causing cancer is a major development that demands attention from both policymakers and individuals alike. The potential risks associated with this widely-used artificial sweetener cannot be ignored, and further research is needed to fully understand its impact on human health.

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