You know those buttons on the top of soft drink lids? Sure, you know the round buttons are used to indicate what soft drink is in the cup? But do you know what those rectangle buttons do?

TikTok Via @todayyearsoldig
TikTok Via @todayyearsoldig

What Are The Buttons On Soft Drink Lids For?

If you've ever taken the time to take a look at what's happening on the top of soft drink lids, you've surely noticed a few things.

There are circular buttons around the lid to help denote exactly what type of drink the cup is supposed to be filled with according to the order.

Sometimes there are words printed by the buttons like "Diet", "Cola", and "Other".

However, sometimes the lid is blank with nothing printed on the buttons. In those cases, the fast food restaurant has its own system for employees to know what drink has ordered.

What about those raised rectangles all around the plastic lid? What are those for?

a fast-food employee gives a customer her order
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Until today I just figured the raised rectangles had something to with the mold the plastic tops were made with.

Apparently, that's not the case.

Those little raised rectangles seemingly serve an important, functional service.

In this TikTok video from @michaelmckee1121 you'll see something that you probably never knew that might explode your brain apart a little bit.

The raised rectangles seemingly serve as a "reset button" on the plastic soft drink lid.

The fast food industry is built on speedy service. I mean, "fast" is literally in the name.

If someone in a rush accidentally presses the wrong circular dot on the lid, they can just hit the "reset button" rectangle button on the lid and the corresponding circular button will pop back out allowing the worker to then depress the correct button.

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