The men and women who serve our nation while stationed at Fort Polk in Vernon Parish are no strangers to explosives. However, the explosives they sometimes deal with are created and detonated under controlled conditions and all aspects of safety are considered.

That's why the detonation of a homemade explosive device by an active duty Fort Polk soldier has authorities concerned. The homemade incendiary device was allegedly detonated in the Kisatchie National Forest. This detonation resulted in a small fire. That is what alerted authorities to the scene.

On arrival at the scene, Vernon Parish Sheriff's deputies discovered 23-year-old Ryan Keith Taylor. According to Sherrif Sam Craft, Taylor had materials that could be used in the creation of explosive devices in his vehicle.

After those discovery authorities sent a Haz-Mat team to his apartment in New Llano. There they discovered more potential bomb-making materials including an inactive pipe bomb and a device that looked similar to a grenade. Speculation is that some of the materials and devices came from Fort Polk. 

Taylor is currently being detained as officials continue their investigation. Sheriff Craft, in his comments to the media, suggested that Taylor was being less than cooperative with authorities as they continue to look into the situation.

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