.The Girl Scouts of the USA have welcomed their newest Brownie: Honey Boo Boo. The 7-year-old reality star (real name: Alana Thompson) and her family had been at odds with the organization for the past couple of weeks after she was selling cookies on her Facebook page, which is against their rules

But now, she’s a proud member of the troop that she was helping to earn a cookie badge.

After the GSUSA halted Honey Boo Boo from selling their cookies online last week, she didn’t stop her pursuit to help out her local troop and spent hours at the Milledgeville Mall on Sunday convincing shoppers to fork over $3.50 for a box of the scouts’ infamous cookies. The plucky beauty queen even convinced some folks to buy five boxes … in exchange for a photograph with her.

Sounds like she has the makings of a successful Girl Scout … and future businesswoman! This little girl and her family have big hearts - whether you watch her show or not, they are always doing nice things for others in need. You go, Girl!


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