A viral video shows a man getting a wine bottle smashed over his head by the cashier of a New Iberia convenience store.

Hopkins One Stop is located at 620 S. Hopkins in New Iberia and a viral video that is currently making its rounds on social media geotags the store as the setting for one of the wildest exchanges I've ever seen between a store employee and a customer.

The video opens up with a customer punching the protective plastic that borders the checkout counter. He hits the plastic barrier so hard that the entire structure can be seen bowing inwards prompting a shocked look from the cashier behind the counter.

What happens next has caused this video to catch fire on social media. The cashier reaches down and comes around the counter to confront the irate customer. It's then that viewers realize the object the cashier picked up was a bottle of wine as he swings it at the customer's head.

A loud thump is heard as the bottle makes contact with the customer's head as the two men continue to exchange NSFW unpleasantries. A second swing of the bottle from the store worker causes the bottle to smash into pieces as glass and wine explode everywhere.

The irate customer is eventually pushed out of the store when the video comes to a close. I honestly don't know how this guy was still standing after those two huge blows from the bottle, but he managed to continue scuffling, swinging a bag of his items on his way out of the door.

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According to numerous Facebook users who commented on the video, the store is confirmed to be the Hopkins One Stop in New Iberia as locals had plenty of observations but ultimately ended up with more questions than answers.


A post from the New Iberia Police Department detailed the incident in a Facebook post that confirmed that the cashier, Saleh Ahmed, was arrested on a warrant for Aggravated Second-Degree Battery and is currently being held at the Iberia Parish Jail.

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