I never really knew there was a dilemma with hot dogs until I saw this video by a man who offered us all a huge wiener. The Big Hot Dog is what he calls it. If you watch the video you can see the people he knows have major issues cooking regular hot dogs.

I have to admit sometimes a hot dog will roll around on a grill making it hard to catch but I have never lost one to the ground. I think that problem could be solved by balancing the grill before putting the meat on the fire.

Basically what we have here is a large loaf of bologna. You can buy it at any grocery store deli or meat counter. If you like your hot dogs in hamburger style this is for you. I applaud big hot dog guy for attempting to sell America something it doesn't really need. Goodness knows we buy stuff like this all the time why wouldn't we want to spend extra money on nonsense such as this.