Chances are you have a closet that looks like my closet. That's the picture you see to the left. Those are those almost empty cans of paint we have saved in the event that we need to touch up a spot or two around our house.

Most of you know just how effective a quarter of an inch of dried paint in a rusty can would be for that sort or purpose. So to be truthful I am just storing toxic waste in my closet because I don't know what to do with it.

Thanks to Lafayette Consolidated Government I do have a place to dispose of these not so environmentally friendly items and a lot of others. I just need to load them up and take them to Cajun Field on Saturday April 23rd. It's the spring cleaning version of household chemical day. It's the right thing to do. It's also very easy to do.

The event begins at 8 AM Saturday. There's no need to be there way before 8 AM unless you just enjoy sitting in your truck with a bunch of toxic material. The gates off Congress Street will open at 8. Then you just drive through. You will need to have your valid ID with you.

This event is open for citizens of Lafayette and for citizens that live in the unincorporated parts of Lafayette Parish. So if you live in Scott, Duson, Broussard, Youngsville, or any other incorporated municipality in the parish this is event is not for you. It's not that the Environmental Quality Department doesn't want to help you dispose of your items properly. Let's just blame it on the lawyers okay?

There is a long list of what is accepted and what is not accepted. Why not take a few minutes to gather your items together and be ready to load them up and drop them off next  Saturday. The event will be held rain or shine, unless there is severe weather or lightning in the area.

For more information consult the Lafayette Consolidated Government website or phone (337) 291-5637 weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM.


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