Football and food go together like coffee and cream.

The spread is always important to the gameday experience, whether it's at home, a party, the tailgate, or the game itself.

Concession food
Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Various teams have rolled out some memorable concession stand foods over the years.

Most recently, the Dallas Cowboys introduced a burger that is sure to clog your arteries.

Despite the plethora of calories in the Cowboys special burger, I admit it looks delicious, unlike the concession stand item being sold by the other NFL team in the state of Texas.

Fried pickles are delicious. They're hard to screw up.

However, the Texans are good at screwing up, as evidenced by their win/loss record over the last couple of years.

Why would someone do this to fried pickles?

Soaked in cherry and blueberry Kool-Aid?

That's like boiling crawfish in orange juice.

Social media seems to agree with me.

Would you try it?

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