A vampire in a cape is more frightening than a vampire in a hoodie. A ghost in a sheet is more believable than a ghost in Saints' jacket. Yet, these are just two of the likely costume suggestions you'll probably encounter if you answer your door after dark on Halloween night.

It's not that vampires and ghosts don't deserve to be warm, it's just that the added overcoats seem to diminish the authenticity of the costume. However, when the wind is howling out of the north and the temperature is dropping below 50 degrees, to heck with authenticity let's go all-in for staying warm.

Many Acadiana families will be tasked with adding a "warmth" component to their little one's Halloween outfits for Thursday night. A strong cold front is expected to push through the area and temperatures will plummet during the day on Thursday.

Halloween night's prime trick or treating times could see temperatures at or below 50 degrees and a wind chill bolstered by a 10 to 20  mph breeze. The good news is that most of the rain should have moved out of the area by the time the porch lights go on and the goblins come out.

If you're not interested in braving the elements but still want your little ones to enjoy the fun of trick or treating Acadiana Mall is hosting " Mall-o-ween" from 5 until 7. Many of the mall's merchants and vendors will be handing out treats to costumed kids during that time and it's inside.

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