Have you been having issues with your vehicle over the past few weeks? You're not crazy, Louisiana's extreme heat could be the reason for your automotive woes, and here's why...

Car broken down because of the heat
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Does Extreme Heat Cause Cars To Breakdown?

If you've been trouble, seemingly out of nowhere, with your vehicle lately, the extreme temperatures we've been experiencing in Louisiana could be the possible culprit.

High temperatures can cause car trouble in a few different ways.

According to KHOU.com, the "heat interferes with your vehicle’s ability to operate, making pretty much every part of your car work harder."

Have you noticed your car or truck not immediately firing up like it used to when you turn the key?

The most common issue from extreme temperatures is car battery problems.

Extreme temperatures affects the chemical process in a battery, creating issues with holding a positive charge and producing the proper power to fire up the engine.


Does Heat Affect Car Battery
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In addition to battery problems, high weather temperatures can also cause issues with your tires.

Colder temps cause your tires to deflate, high temperatures have the opposite affect causing uneven tire wear which increases the likely hood of a blowout.

Extreme temperatures also cause fuel issues when starting your vehicle.

"Hot weather can also affect starting your car when an engine is too hot and fuel does not circulate as well. That can mean your car struggles to start" according to KHOU.com.

Obviously, you can't change the weather, but there are a few things you can do to try and prevent any weather related vehicle issues.

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As much as you can, try parking in a shaded area to give your vehicle a slight reprieve from the heat.

Keep an eye on your tire pressure, and have your battery checked. Most auto parts will run a diagnostic check-up on your battery free of charge.

Make sure to check your coolant levels as well.

Also, how you drive is also important.

From azcentral.com -

"How you drive is also important in extra hot weather.

Avoid aggressive driving, sudden braking and excessive idling, as these can put additional stress on the engine and other components."

Stay safe, stay cool, and read more over at KHOU.com.

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