You know how the saying goes -- "Records were made to be broken."

In sports, that's usually a good thing. Weatherwise, not so much.

An all-time record high temperature was set today (8/27/23) in Lafayette, Louisiana. According to the National Weather Service, at 2:28 p.m., the Hub City peaked at a scorching 110º.

Yeah, that's the straight-up temperature and not a Heat Index number.

The previous record high for Lafayette was 107º and that was set back on July 13, 1901.

According to KATC-TV 3 Meteorologist Daniel Phillips, records go back over 200 years.

KATC-TV 3's Rob Perillo reported that New Iberia also set an all-time high today, topping at 109º.

However, they simply beat previous all-time highs this summer of 104º, 105º, and 106º, respectively.

We all surely hope this record-breaking heat wave is over. At the very least, we know we'll get a bit of a reprieve early in the week when a weak front moves through the state and rain chances go up for much of Louisiana on Monday and Tuesday.


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