There is still plenty of summertime swimsuit season left here in Louisiana. While the kids may be dreading the sound of school bells in a few weeks that doesn't mean it's anywhere close to the time when you'd need to pull out a parka.

We were having this discussion around the radio station about the kind of people you see on the beach when you go to the beach. There are fat guys in Speedos. There are the ghostly white that are turning bright red. There are also the variations on the bikini.

That led to the question "How old is too old to wear a bikini"? If you research the subject online there was a survey out a few years ago that suggested 39 was the cutoff age for wearing a two piece. That doesn't seem right to me.

There was also an article that suggests that 60% of women over the age of 39 felt very confident when they were wearing a two piece suit. This leads me to believe the whole wear a bikini or not wear a bikini conundrum is not so much about what's on your hips or your thighs as it is about what's about between your ears.

Sexy is confident. Confidence is sexy. Those two statements don't mean the same thing. I personally know ladies in their 40's, 50's, 60's and even 70's who look and feel very confident and comfortable in a two piece swimsuit. I think that's a great thing. What's even more impressive is they didn't ask my opinion or anyone else about their opinion on their choice of swimwear. They put on what made them feel good.

I wish all of us could understand that concept. I think in our hearts most of us do. We just fall prey to the peer pressure of an unreachable appearance as determined by a movie studio or magazine.

If we're going to ask about women and bikinis then we've got to be fair and ask about guys with big guts and man boobs don't we? There are men on the beach every day with bigger breasts than most of the women I know. If we're going to cast aspersions at the ladies then guys we need to check out the mirror too.


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