I have mentioned our neighbor's cats. I think they  have a billion of them and naturally every one of them has chosen my yard to come hang out. I don't mind the cats hanging out. I do mind them walking all over my car and more importantly getting into fights with my dog.

Cotton, the world's dumbest dog, doesn't like the cats in his yard. This means when he detects one he goes berserk. The loud barking, growling, jumping at the door and over all chaos usually occurs within the first five minutes of me falling asleep. So what can I do to keep the cats away without calling animal control or resorting to violence. Here is what I have found.

Water, Cat Kryptonite- . This can be very effective when applied with force from a hose or a Supersoaker water gun. Cats don't like water so a regular soaking when they inhabit off limits areas would eventually lead them to choose other places to hang out. The cat will get the message and eventually stay the heck away.

Cat Repellant- Cats rely on their sense of smell like most creatures other than humans do. When they detect the odor of a predator they tend to stay away. Cats don't like coyotes, foxes and bobcats just to name a few. Unfortunately having a coyote, fox or bobcat would probably be more of a pain the butt than having the cats around. Fortunately there is a product called Shake Away that features the scent of this animals in granular form. You can sprinkle the material in and around the areas you want the cats to vacate and that should solve your problems.

Cat Repellant Plants- Much like children are frightened away from the dinner table by spinach, cats can be shooed away with certain garden plants. Cats don't care for lavender, penny royal and even a plant know as the coleus canina, also known as the scaredy cat plant. Plant these plants in and around your yard and garden and the cats will stay away too.

I guess we will give these a try at our house and see if we can't bring some peace to the neighborhood or at least the living room. I would hate to unleash the power of an 8 pound Maltese on these cats that are twice his size. I don't know if I can afford the vet bill to get him patched up or the  years of therapy he will need when he gets his butt kicked by a cat.


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