Remember the days when you took photos, got really excited to see how they turned out, took them to your local Walgreens for developing, waited, and waited for them to be developed, only to find out you had a REALLY bad hair day? So glad all of that is behind us!

Now days, most people take pictures with their cell phones, and if we are being honest, the quality is a lot better than it was with those Kodak Brownie cameras. The folks at Hubspot have some awesome tips for taking great pictures with your cell phone, so we wanted to pass them along to you. Most people aren't professional photographers, but it's always nice to get some tips for great photos, especially since you'll be taking a lot of pics this summer! Have fun with your new skills, y'all.


  • Use the gridlines for balancing your image
  • Focus on one subject, and it shouldn't take up the whole shot
  • Include a lot of empty space in the shot, it helps your subject really 'pop'
  • Take photos from different and unique angles
  • Try using reflections, which our eyes are naturally drawn to
  • Use 'leading lines', which create depth in an image
  • Symmetry can be used to create proportion in the photo, and is pleasing to the eyes
  • Look for repetitive patterns, either natural or unintentional
  • Use color blocking, when you have a whole photo in black and white, and only one image is in color
  • Don't zoom in, which might make the image blurry
  • Small details count
  • Use natural light when possible
  • Abstracts can create a spectacular look
  • Take a lot of candids
  • Be unconventional - everything doesn't have to make sense
  • Funny photos can be awesome
  • Use the edit button - you might be surprised at how different things can look with just a little tweaking

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