Have you ever stopped to try and explain Louisiana to an outsider? 'Red-headed step child' is probably a great description. Compared to other states, we definitely stand out. We have a style, cuisine, and language all our own that we are extremely proud of.

My next question for you is this. Have you ever been approached by someone who claims to be from Louisiana, but something about it just doesn't seem right? Here is a quick and simple trick to test their Louisiana knowledge.

Break out on of these beauties and see what their reaction is:

  • Pas Bon
  • Mais la
  • Do-Do
  • Coullion
  • Rodier
  • Cher
  • Y'all

If they ask you how to spell it, use it in a different sentence, or give a completely dumbfounded look, you are probably talking to a 'foreigner'.

You could also ask them if they could 'put up' the dishes, 'save' the clothes, 'make a pass' by the store, or if they are 'gonna get down' at the store with you. If they put a plate in the air or start break dancing in the store parking lot, they would not be a Louisianian.

I am guilty of pulling this trick one too many times. It's just a little fun, right?



I must say that I am proud to be from Louisiana. To see visitors drool over a hot bowl of gumbo or get seven different kinds of confused because we boil small crustaceans makes my heart smile just a little. Louisiana loud, Louisiana proud!