The cold weather has begun to make its way into South Louisiana and that means we have to make a few changes. We never know what what kind of weather the winter months will bring, but it is safe to consider it bi-polar in these parts. We can see a 20 degree temperature change in a matter of 24 hours so we have to be prepared.

Keeping warm and being safe are top priorities for this time of the year. I thought I would share some helpful winter tips with you that I received from the Better Business Bureau:

  • 1

    Make sure your heaters aren't too old

    Any heaters that are 15-years-old or older probably should be replaced. To make sure your heaters are working properly, make sure filters are clean, thermostats work, and pilot lights are functioning. Adding insulation to duct work can come in handy as well

  • 2

    Make sure your gutters are clean

    Back up can clog your gutters, cause them to freeze in extreme temps, and cause them to crack. When you clean them out, it allows your house to 'breathe' properly.

  • 3

    Tests your smoke alarms

    Make sure they all have fresh batteries. Also, if yours is older than 10 years, it may be a good idea to change it.

  • 4

    Check all caulking

    To prevent leaking, check your caulking on doors and windows. Make sure your doors and windows are always closed tightly to prevent the cold air from entering your home.

  • 5

    Prevent a potential water freeze

    To prevent freezing, drain your garden hoses and air-conditioner pipes

  • 6

    Have an emergency kit at the ready

    Here in South Louisiana, we are used to having an emergency kit in case of a hurricane. These should be accessible year round. You should also create one for your car.

  • 7

    Don't forget to show your vehicle some love

    Have a mechanic check your fluids, coolant, and your air conditioner. Make sure your windshield wipers work as well as your defroster and heater. Also, a fluctuation in weather can affect tire pressure. Make sure to keep an eye on them.

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