The first month of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season will come to an end on Saturday. Then all we have to worry about is what might develop in July through November. A few weeks ago forecasters were watching an area of disturbed weather in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Today, they're focusing on the Atlantic Ocean just off North Carolina's Outer Banks.

As of now, the system poses no real threat to life or property. It's a poorly organized area of showers and thunderstorms that's just adding a little wetness to the lives of Outer Banks vacationers.

The prognosis for the system, according to the National Hurricane Center, is for little if any development over the next five days. The system is forecast to slide further to the east, away from the coast, over the next five days as well.

Chances are this weather system will eventually dissipate before it has the chance to strengthen since atmospheric conditions in the area are not conducive for tropical development.

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