There have been plenty of videos showing the devastation that Hurricane Laura left in her path, but this one just hit me differently.

I'm not sure if it was the music or the raw emotion from the individuals featured in the clip, but my heart was touched by the imagery and the thought of what these people are going through right now. I know we're no strangers to hurricanes or picking up the pieces after big storms, but it doesn't make it any better for these families to endure—especially in the midst of a pandemic.

Earlier I shared the plea from Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter to "not forget about Lake Charles" now that all the national media has exited the region, and this video from KPLC should serve as another reminder to keep SWLA in our thoughts until they are fully back on their feet.

It only takes a moment to share, and this video is one that will definitely let people know just how much Cameron, Calcasieu, and other south Louisiana parishes need our help right now.


Here's a great way to lend a helping hand TODAY (Sept 8).

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