Once the weather gets warm and you start to break a sweat just by walking out to the car, you know it won't be too much longer until we'll be talking about hurricanes. Hurricanes are a part of life in South Louisiana. We have learned how to adapt to the possibility of a monster storm roaring in out of the Gulf. We have learned how to keep our family safe. One of the best ways to keep yourself ahead of the storm is to pay attention to the experts.

Some of the best hurricane experts in the world are oddly enough in Colorado. The Colorado State Hurricane forecast is one of the most respected in the world. Dr. Phil Klotzbach and his team have just released their  thoughts on the upcoming 2015 Hurricane Season.

"This year we are predicting a total of 7 named storms, three hurricanes and one major hurricane. That's about half of the average hurricane season."

The reasoning behind this below average prediction is twofold. The water temperatures in the Atlantic Basin have cooled compared to previous years. Also, our old friend El Nino is again expected to form in the Pacific. The El Nino phenomenon is a major player when it comes to suppressing tropical development, especially in the Gulf of Mexico.

If the Colorado State forecast holds true, this could be one of the quietest hurricane seasons on record, especially for the  Gulf Coast. Let's hope Dr. Klotzbach and his team are spot on in their forecasting.

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