The life story of Wanda Hopkins appeared in Lafayette's Daily Advertiser newspaper on July 24, 2016. Her husband Woodson is said to have written the beautiful tribute to her life, and their life together. The part about the cow will make you laugh, and the part about the roosters and rainbows may make you cry. Clearly, Woodson hearts Wanda.

Wanda HopkinsHouston, TX - Wanda Marie Linney Hopkins, 87, born October 14, 1928 in San Antonio Texas, died peacefully at home July 12 in the presence of God and family. The cause of death was cancer. Wanda called South Texas home until one fateful night when destiny arrived in the form of a strategically misguided cow. Childhood friend, Woodson Hopkins, who had recently returned to Refugio for his first post-college job at a weekly paper, Timely Remarks, found himself in need of assistance. On a dark night, thick with fog, he unexpectedly collided with a rogue cow meandering across the road. Startled and dismayed, Woodson and the cow survived but the same could not be said for Woodson's car. Ever ready Wanda, 1946 graduate of Refugio High School and subsequent graduate of secretarial school in San Antonio, was on duty at her father's insurance company, when Woodson arrived the next day for "roadside" assistance. Was it the glamour of her raven black hair, sculpted cheekbones, infectious laugh, and perfectly color-coordinated outfit? Or perhaps her leap to assist coupled with a take-control administrative competency? Regardless, childhood acquaintance blossomed into 1951 marriage vows that endured for 64 years. From this chance reunion, she and Woodson seemingly circumnavigated Texas over the next 14 years with stops in Victoria, Houston, Tyler, Waco, and San Antonio birthing four children along the way. In 1965, they finally breached the gravity of Texas migrating east to the heart of Cajun country - Lafayette Louisiana where they put down roots for almost 50 years.In addition to family duties, Wanda revived her secretarial acumen and re-entered the work force. The highlight of her career was serving as administrative assistant to Louis Records and Charles Prentice, engineers who developed drilling well control and blow-out prevention methodologies for industry. As she often said, it was here she peripherally learned how to drill a well. Besides raising children and working she found nourishment for her soul in the community of Asbury Methodist Church, where her organizational skills found a higher calling. In addition, she and Woodson served this community as Eucharistic Ministers. She is distinguished by being the first member of Asbury to attend the spiritual retreat, Cursillo, leading the way for others. This fostered her decades-long love of roosters and rainbows. She resided in Lafayette until 2014 when she and Woodson returned to their native Texas and the metropolis of Houston where she enjoyed carefree days in the arms of loving family...



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