One New Orleans school teacher is inspiring and entertaining millions every day on TikTok with what he calls, "Gregisms".

Greg Kata is a theater teacher in New Orleans for students kindergarten through seventh grade. During the pandemic, Greg became a TikTok sensation inspiring millions of people with joy, laughter and entertaining messages about his students and everyday life. He also shares videos of his beloved New Orleans.

His mantra is "Find Your Joy". Kata reminds people each day, to find joy in something. It can be a lot of joy or just a tiny bit, just make sure to find it every day.

Greg Kata reminds his TikTok followers to take care of themselves, 'cause no one will do it for you.

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First Time at Sam's Club


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First Time at Buc-ee's


Over 2 million TikTok users (and counting) follow Greg Kata for his funny Gregisms. Kata is putting smiles on faces all over the world as he salutes his home...New Orleans.

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