As I was allowing my bacon to slowly sizzle this morning, I was about to push the plunger on my French press when my phone dinged. Thinking it was my Sig-O, I forgot about the coffee and looked at the text.

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The message was a simple "Can I call you?"; that's all it said.

The sender used an email address that I did not recognize. Not only was it an address I didn't recognize, but it looked "funny". "" is the email and, as soon as I read it, my mind said "nope".

I came straight to the computer and typed in "can I call you t" and the Google predictive search thingy filled in the rest: "can I call you text message". So it's obvious that many people have searched for this exact phrase.

Several of the results confirmed my suspicions: it's a scam.

I am not certain how the scam works, but if they are still sending the messages, I am guessing that they find success from time-to-time.

Don't be a victim.

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