None of us like being behind on our bills. We especially do not like being behind on our energy bill. Most of us, myself, in particular, have become quite fond of electric lights, appliances, and the ability to use my computer and charge my phone. It's that fear of losing power that has power provider Entergy reminding their customers of their policy regarding payment.

Entergy Customer Service Manager Margaret Harris told KPLC TV about reports of a scam that has been directed at customers of the utility. In the scam, the scammer tells the victim that their Entergy service will be disconnected. However, that disconnection can be prevented with a payment made over the phone.

Here's what Ms. Harris said about that.

Often they will identify themselves as Entergy and proceed to tell you that you’re delinquent on your payment and if they don’t receive payment in 30-45 minutes, the electricity will be turned off.

However, that is not the policy of Entergy nor any of the respectable utility providers in the state. Ms.Harris told the Lake Charles TV station,

we do not demand payment via-telephone for immediate payment

Our advice to you should you happen to be on the receiving end of one of these attempted scams, hang up the phone. Then you call the utility company directly. This way you know you are speaking to an actual representative of the company.

Scammers today have sophisticated methods of making a call appear as if it is coming from a local number or place of business, so don't trust your Caller ID to know the difference between a legit call and a scam call.

Oh and if you do get contacted by one of these scams we encourage you to report it. The only way we can get these kinds of calls to stop is to stop taking these kinds of calls. You do your part and law enforcement will do their part as well.

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