In case you were wondering why some roads aren't wide open right now, take a look at this.

KLFY's Gerald Gruenig woke up this morning with an assignment to (safely) give us a close-up look at the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge under these extreme winter conditions. Of course, he was accompanied by professionals, so this is definitely not one of those things you should try at home.

I know the idea of showing people videos like this to make them understand why we can't just get up and zip around based on how the roads look around our homes may seem crazy, but once you're on the road and you hit a patch like this, it could be disastrous.

Hopefully, we will continue to see the ice melt off but even once it is safe to drive again, make sure you practice extreme caution due to conditions that may be slippery in areas like bridges and parts of roadways that haven't seen much sunlight or heat.

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