Have you ever seen Whitney Houston sing 'I Will Always Love You' live and wish you had her pipes? What about watching Bobby Flay throw down in the kitchen? Honestly, all I want is to be able to reach things in high places without having to climb, but I don't think that will ever happen...

Anyway, have you given thought to the possibility of gaining a new talent? If you have, what would it be? Here are a few of the most popular answers:

  • Playing Some Kind of Musical Instrument (I tried guitar and failed miserably)
  • Speaking a New Language (I took French for 4 years and...nothing)
  • Singing (does being a rock star in the shower count?)
  • Art of Some Sort (according to Jude, girls spend over 5 hours taking selfies...)
  • Dancing (I mastered this as a child, but adulthood stole that from me)
  • Cooking & Baking (haven't we all burnt a batch of cookies once or twice?)
  • Creative Writing (fortunately, my mother gave me her talent for writing)

Cooking and baking seem to be the most popular of the choices. So, are any of these in your top choices? Wouldn't you just love to paint like Van Gogh or write great works like Edgar Allan Poe?

The one thing that I never gave up on was my love of writing. I am most certainly not the best, but it is my escape. Thankfully, no matter what kind of trouble I had with classes in college, I always did quite well in my English classes. I also keep a journal by my bed and write everything that rolls through my head down.

I have learned that just because you are not noticed for what you are best at doesn't mean that you aren't talented. Pick up a guitar or throw random ingredients in a pot. You never know what could happen!