We love living in the south, and we can be very particular about how we like things done, what foods to eat, and which teams to root for. Don't even try to deny it, sha!

The people at Southern Living have come up with a list of things that us Southerners are very picky about, and if I must say so myself, it's right on the money! Be sure and let us know if we forgot anything.

  • Manners -  crucial to everyone growing up below the Mason Dixon line. You can't go through life without thank you notes, opening doors for ladies, and saying yes  ma'am and yes sir
  • Church - traditional means you dress up to go. Contemporary means you can wear jeans and still praise Jesus
  • Sports - football, baseball, basketball, and NASCAR, we love them all. Just make sure you have really great food while you tailgate.
  • Food - gets it's own category. Sweet tea, white bread, cornbread, catfish, deviled eggs, chess pie, mayonnaise, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken. It's all delicious, and all very regional. Think about the difference between Texas BBQ and South Carolina BBQ. Use the handy video below to get a visual on how important food is to us.


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