We all want to be liked / loved, and some of us more than others. If you have anxiety attacks over whether the other moms at school, your co workers, or the waitress at Red Robin likes you, then you need to read this very eye opening list from Forbes.

The following things can make you an unlikable person, but just remember this, every day you wake up is a chance for a fresh start! Have a great day, friends!

  • Sharing too much about yourself way too soon - makes you look self obsessed
  • Being close minded - lighten up! You may learn something!
  • Being a gossip - you're only making yourself look bad, not the person you're talking about
  • Name dropping - you will definitely look like a snob
  • Constantly checking your phone - like something or someone is more important than what's right in front of you
  • Not being able to control your emotions - kind of like threatening someone because they don't want you to freak out or explode
  • Not asking questions, or paying attention in a conversation - don't just focus on yourself, act like you are interested in what the other person has to say
  • Being too serious - balance your life with a little fun, you'll be a lot more approachable
  • Being self deprecating - it's like asking someone to contradict the negative things you are saying about yourself. Especially when you are just bragging


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