No, it's not "breakfast."

After many guesses on what the 'b' in IHOb would stand for, the restaurant unveiled the answer this morning.

The 'b' stands for burgers.

Now, you can get your pancake with a side of burgers, or vice versa. Unfortunately, the name isn't permanent but a company spokesperson says they're using the move to promote their new burger line. Even though they're known for their pancakes, IHOP is releasing seven 'Ultimate Steakburgers' as part of a "rebranding effort."

IHOP has always had burgers on their menu, but this new push is an effort to emphasize their revamped menu to attract a "wider audience," this according to IHOP's Chief Marketing Officer Brad Haley.

The big opportunity for the IHOb brand is to develop our lunch and dinner business. Burgers are the most consumed entree item for men, women and children in America. It made sense to start with burgers.

The social media campaign that aimed at getting people talking was a success. IHOP hinted at flipping their "P" to a "b" and set the web on fire. Everyone took guesses at what the "b" could stand for—and even though everything from breakfast to Beyonce was on the table—in the end, it was burgers.

Will this work for IHOP? Only time will tell. Of course, there are already naysayers bashing the move online (no surprise there) but IHOP is simply following a move that many other restaurant chains have made and are reaching outside of their core audience.

The whole goal of this effort was to convince people that we were just as serious about our burgers as we are about our pancakes.

Will you be trying the new burgers out?

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