First things first, German driver Sophia Floersch is okay. She suffered some injuries in this horrific crash that almost seem surreal when you see it.  At about: 03 into the video above you can't really see Floersch's car fly into the catch fence. But you can hear the crowd react and see the dust settle.

Here's what Floersch tweeted following the crash.

Here's what a slow-motion version of the crash looked like. You can see that Floersch was simply along for the ride after her vehicle became airborne.

Floersch, a 17-year-old, was competing over the weekend in the Macau Grand Prix in the Formula 3 Series. Floersch suffered a fractured spine in the crash. Three others were also injured in the incident. Including a race official, a photographer and another competitor in the event. All three injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.



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