We have a lot of choices for festivals in Louisiana, and if you love New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, you have 2 weekends to choose from! This year, Jazz Fest will be held April 22 - May 1.

If you've never been to Jazz Fest, it's a pretty good bet that you might become confused at some point - where to park, what to eat, where is the restroom, who to see when both of your favorite bands are playing at the same time....you know, those 'oh so Louisiana' dilemmas! Our friends at Gumbopages.com have provided an insiders guide to Jazz Fest, and even if you've been before, it's still a little reminder of why we love festivals so much here in Louisiana! You can also watch the virtual survival guide to Jazz Fest, which is pretty cool, and gives a lot of info. Check out the handy video below, which is fun and informative, and have fun wherever you'll be playing this festival season, ya'll!


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