So it's a subject we don't really discuss in mixed company. However, if you're having a boys night out or a girls trip the subject is bound to come up. I am talking about S-E-X. I don't know why I spelled that instead of just writing it it's probably because that's how my parents used to discuss the subject when I was a kid. They must have not realized they taught us spelling in school.

So on that subject a recent survey took a look at intimate relations around these United States. Some the questions asked were about frequency, location, satisfaction, and desire. So let's take a "G" rated look at we the people and how we do that hoo doo that we do.

If you're a man from Texas then you've probably heard the saying "everything's bigger in Texas". While that may not necessarily be so about the male population of the Lonestar state according to the survey most of the men from Texas are satisfied with the endowment the Good Lord gave them.

The survey showed that people who live in the  Midwest are the ones with the highest desire quotient. I guess when the winds blow cold across the prairie there isn't much else to do but snuggle up and generate heat.

The women of the southwestern states seem to believe they are the most experienced at the art of bedroom politics. The people of the northeastern United States are the ones that might be considered the rabbits of the nation.

According to the survey 16% of us have relations once per week and the most likely day for that to happen is on a Saturday. Unless you live in the South, southerns tend to get busy on Monday probably because there is only one football game on Monday night.

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