Normally the word delightful would not be used to described a fight between rival sports teams fans. In this case I think it fits just fine. We've all heard stories of how alcohol gets some fans fired up so much they do really stupid things. Think back the Alabama vs LSU BCS game a few years back, yeah that was stupid.

In Ireland where drinking is a job, fighting is a hobby and sports is just something used to bring the two together we get this report. It's the story of two guys getting into a bit of tussle. Actually it's not much of a tussle, one guy knocks the other out and puts him a shopping cart and then hauls him off to the train station where he urinates in the unconscious man's hat.

What makes this delightful is the reporters coverage of the court case. Her lovely Irish accent just seems to make this horrible incident seem like a Lucky Charms commercial. Watch and see if you don't agree.

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