Math and Science are awesome things. They can explain things to us that make no sense at all. Like, if I gave you a chocolate bar and told you that you could eat it forever and never run out. How could that even be possible? Conventional wisdom tells us no, that can't happen. However, Math and Science say OH YES IT CAN. Check out the diagram and the Gif below, and get ready to question everything you've come to know and learn of this universe and how it works.


Well, before you start chopping up your Easter candy, lemme explain something to you. This only works in theory because of something called The Banach Tarski Paradox.

The Banach-Tarski Paradox is well-known among mathematicians, particularly among set theorists.1 The paradox states that it is possible to take a solid sphere (a "ball"), cut it up into a finite number of pieces, rearrange them using only rotations and translations, and re-assemble them into two identical copies of the original sphere. In other words, you've doubled the volume of the original sphere.