I think we can all rest a lot easier now. Since obviously all of the big problems of the world have been solved we can turn our attention to finding that creepy Waldo guy from the Where's Waldo books, games, and magazines.

Personally, I have never really concerned myself with Waldo or his whereabouts. Unless he is sneaking into my house or hiding in the trunk of my car I am quite okay with him being where ever he chooses to be.

However, some of you have been greatly concerned with locating Waldo over the past few years. You will be glad to know a mathematician named Randal Olson has devised a formula to make your search for the elusive fashion challenged fugitive easier.

You should start on the bottom of the left page.  If he's not there, he's probably not on the left page at all.After that, head to the upper half of the right page especially the upper right corner. If you still haven't found him, he's probably near the bottom right quarter of the right page.

Olson's research also found that Waldo is very seldom found in the top left corner of the page nor does he frequent the edges of a page. Waldo likes to blend in with the crowd.

On a related note, the whereabouts of Carmen SanDiego have yet to be determined. At least she's got a cool theme song, DO IT Rockapella!


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