We saw the images of a crippled cruise ship being towed in to Mobile Alabama last week. We've heard the horror stories of the unpleasant conditions. We have seen the pictures and yes the law suits are being filed. But should they?

Carnival Cruise lines, from what I understand, has offered each guest compensation for the cruise that ended badly. I believe each guest was given a full refund, offered a voucher for another cruise at another time and they were given a stipend of $500 and a free flight home.

That seems fair to me.

Since I don't think any one maliciously created the circumstances that caused the fire in the engine room it was an accident. If it is discovered that through negligence or malice the fire started then we have a different story. Then I might could support some sort of litigation but based on current evidence I can't.

From some of the on board videos you can see in the passengers own words and pictures, the crew did everything they could to make a tough situation better. They followed procedures and kept guests as  safe and comfortable as possible.

Why should they be sued?

When you go to Gulf Shores for vacation and it rains for six days do you sue the condo people? When your car breaks down on Johnston Street do you sue GM? When you go to watch the Saints play and Drew Brees is pulled in the first quarter do you call a lawyer? There were long lines for food and the bathroom conditions were not sanitary, sounds like every festival in Louisiana to me, is that grounds for legal action?  NO!

In my opinion this was just one of those things that happened and the company has tried to make it right.

Why must we live in a society where the first thing we think about is how can I stick it to somebody else? Have we finally lowered ourselves to to same level as all those attorneys we abhor that promise to make us rich  with one phone call?

In most cases I pull for the little people, the regular guy like you and I. I also try to live in the world of reasonable people and I don't think you should get rich because your vacation wasn't as pleasant as you wanted it to be.

I just got off a cruise last week. We were in 12 foot seas for a lot of time and I wasn't a happy camper. I didn't call my lawyer because the only time I could eat solid food was when we were on shore. I did the best I could do because I believe the cruise line was doing the best that they could do.

Agree with me? Think I am totally wrong? Let me know, we need to discuss this because how this situation eventually unfolds will determine whether you or I will be paying higher prices for cruises, hotel rooms, car rentals and more because once the lawyers sniff the blood in the water they won't just stop with Carnival.

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