She was once a promising young actress now most people consider her to be Hollywood's largest train wreck. She is Lindsay Lohan and she has certainly had her share of difficulties adjusting to life in the spotlight at such a young age.

While her troubles have been well documented in the past she appears to maybe have turned a corner. I say that because she hasn't been in the gossip news everyday like she used to be. That could be changing because of social media.

As you probably guessed the news of her alleged pregnancy got started with a post made by Lindsay on social media. Here's how it all unfolded on Saturday via the Lindsay's Instagram and Twitter accounts.

If you  haven't been keeping up with Ms Lohan she has been keeping company with a new boyfriend. His name is Egor Tarabasov. Yes he is Russian. Apparently Egor did not make it home on Friday night much to the chagrin of Lindsay. She posted a pitcture and a little comment about it on her Instagram.

She later posted on her Twitter page pictures of her from the 2009 film Labor Pains. The picture carried the following caption.

Lindsay Lohan labour pains trailer . . . I am pregnant!!

So is she or isn't she? She took down all the posts where she was railing on her boyfriend but the pregnancy post has remained up on social media.

If it is true, I hope Lindsay is in a better place at this point in her life. Despite her trouble I have always kind of liked Lindsay. She seems like a pretty good soul that just had a lot of things going on  in her life before she had developed the skills to handle them. Such seems to be the case when fame and fortune come early in life.

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