Sometimes I feel very inept in the kitchen. That feeling does not occur when I am cooking eggs. Making eggs, scrambled, fried, boiled, or poached isn't that hard. If you watch the infomercial for the product the Rollie you would swear making eggs and flying to the moon require the same skill.

The makers of the Rollie point out how sometimes eggs stick and they are hard to flip and how the frustration of cooking them is probably what sent Lindsay Lohan back to rehab. With their incredible invention even Michael Lohan can make eggs. The Rollie, it is as if an egg making messiah returned to Earth and started serving eggs, on a stick.

You read that last part right, the Rollie puts your egg on a stick like a Popsicle. Can't you just see Granny sucking down an egg pop with her Cream of Wheat and Metamucil every morning? There is a sight I want to see. NOT!

Far be it from me to stomp on any American's dream, so here is the Rollie commercial and website for you to peruse. You might find it amazing. We might point and laugh.

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