Miranda Lambert's new album "Wildcard" has a song on it called "Fire Escape" that seemingly name drops Lafayette, again.

I say again because this isn't the first time Lafayette has popped up in Lambert's music. On her last album, "The Weight Of These Wings," the song "Runnin' Just In Case" mentions Lafayette.

CountryLyrics via YouTube
CountryLyrics via YouTube


In Lambert's new song "Fire Escape" she sings -

"Downtown bar band's bouncing off the brick walls
Half-pint lovers rollin' out with their last calls
The street lights down on Lafayette
Ain't seen nothin' like you and me yet"

Now, she could be talking about Lafayette Street in Nashville, or she could be talking about Lafayette again. It can really be taken either way.

Below are both songs for you to listen to. Do you know of any more of her songs that mention Lafayette?


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