The monarchy in England has gotten a lot more interesting over the last few years since the new generation of crown-wearers have hit adulthood.

The latest scuttlebutt from across the pond is the rumors that Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry have got a thing going on.

Yeah, the brother of Prince William and the sister of his wife, Kate. (Should make the holidays a lot easier, right?!)

A source tells OK! Magazine that the two have always had sexual tension, and Kate even caught them making out in a bathroom on her wedding day. But it never went further than that and they both went on to date other people.

Then several months ago, as Pippa's last relationship was fizzling out, she showed up at Harry's place in a sheer top and tight pants and the sparks began flying again.

The source says, "He lit candles and put on some soft music he thought she'd like . . . Adele, Ellie Goulding, Bruno Mars. They sipped wine and then ate a pasta carbonara that he'd prepared himself."

And they've been dating ever since...quietly. Yeah, good luck with the "quietly" part.

Oh, by the way, Prince Harry is 31 and Pippa Middleton is 32 in case you're scoring at home.


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