As you may know, Discovery Channel's Shark Week officially kicked off this past Sunday evening. Shark week may possibly be the coolest, scariest, and most mysterious week on television. However, is Shark Week starting to become overdramatic and absurd?

I have always enjoyed watching Shark Week because sharks scare the living daylights out of me while intriguing me, as well. Yesterday while I was watching Shark Week, there was a special on the Megalodon:  a massive, prehistoric shark which might still be roaming the waters today. According to The Verge, apparently some people started dissing Discovery Channel because they believe there is no Megalodon in today's seas, and the Discovery Channel is misleading people. Some even compared the documentary to the ridiculous Sharknado movie.

Whether the Megalodon documentary is a bunch of bull or not, I'd like to keep my imagination wondering whether Megalodon is swimming around the ocean or not. It makes things more interesting and scary, am I right? Watch this quick, Megalodon documentary and decide for yourself.

If there really is a Megalodon, you can bet your bottom dollar I NEVER want to see it.



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