A few years ago at a house me and my family lived in, I was trying out a new photo app on my phone. I was running a bath for one of my kids and while I was waiting, I took a pic of the bathroom mirror. I then opened the picture with the photo app and almost dropped my phone when I noticed what looked like some sort of ethereal being in the mirror.

When I opened the picture, I applied a mirroring effect to it that basically took the left side of the photo and doubled it on the right. The result is what you see below.

It looks like some sort of ghostly alien thing with it's arms stretched out.

There were actually quite a few really freaky things that happened in that house. Two of my kids would tell me all the time that my grandmother would visit them. My son came up to me one morning and asked "Is grandma still dead?" I told him yes. That's when he asked me "Well then how does she keep visiting me?"

My daughter said the same things, and even once told me once that grandma made her "float".

I had forgotten all about this picture until this morning.

So, what the heck is happening in this picture below? Freaky right?


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