Is this video of a Miami Dolphins assistant coach snorting cocaine off of a table?

In the video, the man, who has been identified as Miami assistant Chris Foerster, is seen using a $20 bill to snort a powdery substance off a table.

Now, there is no guarantee that the substance is cocaine, but you can certainly leap to that conclusion.

There is video with sound out there, but I elected to use one with no sound, as the video, of a man using what may be cocaine, is bad enough, much less having profanity.

So, you can search for the video with sound. Trust me, it's very easy to find.

In the video, in which Foerster is reportedly trying to impress a woman, who reportedly is an escort, he says."Hey, I miss you. ... Thinking about you. ... How about me going to a meeting and doing this before I go."

The woman who Foerster sent the video to posted it on social media.

Foerster, who is in his second season with the Dolphins, is their run game coordinator/offensive line coach.

The 55-year old Foerster, who has been in the NFL since 1992, has also worked as an assistant coach for the Vikings, Buccaneers, Colts, Ravens, 49ers, and Redskins.



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