I was shootin' the breeze this morning with my co-worker Tammy and she asked me what the deal is with men wearing black wedding bands lately. Once she brought it up, I realized how many people I've noticed lately wearing them. This got me thinking, is this just a fashion trend, or does wearing a black wedding band actually mean something? Here's what I've found out...

Jewelryvortex.com says that wearing a black wedding band, for the most part, is just a simple matter of preference. They say that people who "enjoy something different and bold tend to choose these types of rings to symbolize their matrimonies."

Wearing a black wedding ring also symbolizes eternal commitment as well as strength and power according to Jewelryvortex.com.

I figured this was probably the case and that it's just a current trend in men's fashion. But, it actually could have meaning and functionality as well.

I spoke with my good buddy Aaron Lane of Aaron Lane Entertainment to see what he knew about this recent wedding trend. Aaron's wedding company has won numerous awards, and they produce weddings from top to bottom all over the Gulf Coast, so I figured he could shed some light on the subject.

Aaron brought up something I wasn't aware of and pointed out that men who are employed in industrial fields, like oil platforms, often wear black silicone wedding bands for safety reasons. If the ring gets caught in a machine, it will stretch and break, hopefully minimizing damage to the wearer's finger.

He told me has definitely noticed a trend in black wedding bands lately, but hasn't seen or heard of any particular meaning behind it.

Sciencing.com says that "black onyx still carries a suggestion of self-control and strength. It is often used for purity rings." They also say that a black ring or band could also be a promise ring.

Have you noticed more men wearing black wedding bands recently?




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