Picture finding the perfect that suits you perfectly. Now imagine that one day you find yourself in a deadly situation because of it. Never thought about it?

The U.S. Department of Labor is constantly tracking the number of deaths related to certain jobs around the country. Some of them, of course, wouldn't necessarily pertain to those of us here in Louisiana. However, for the jobs that do, the numbers just may surprise you.

These numbers were calculated over a seven year time frame rounding off in 2013.

  • Police officers: 15 deaths per 100,000
  • Power line installers/repairers: 23 deaths per 100,000
  • Farmers and Ranchers: 24 deaths per 100,000
  • Truck Drivers: 24 deaths per 100,000
  • Garbage Collectors: 33 deaths per 100,000
  • Roofers: 36 deaths per 100,000
  • Iron and Steel Workers: 43 deaths per 100,000
  • Extraction Worker (includes oil and gas): 57 deaths per 100,000
  • Aircraft Pilots: 70 deaths per 100,000
  • The job with the highest death ratio is: Fishermen: 132 deaths per 100,000

So tell me, did your job make the list? This is probably one of those lists that you would like to answer 'no' to. Unfortunately, I have personally lost people in my life or whom I knew that did many of these jobs. Some others are currently continuing on in these occupations. I am certain that this is case for many of you as well.

The curse for jobs like these is that it is something those who hold positions consider to be their lives. A fisherman will fish because it is what he loves to do. Roofers will hold this job because it is what they are truly good at.

Since I would probably make a complete mess if I tried doing any of these jobs, I'll just stick here talking to you behind a mic. For this, I salute all of you. We couldn't do what we do and have what we have without the endless work from you all. Stay safe!